Photography! In Greek it stands for ‘drawing with light’!

I take a lot of pictures, most of them will end up in my computer waste bin, some will end up on my hard disk, and only a very few will end up on ‘In my View’. So what is the criteria? Does it need to have the perfect quality? Perfect balance of contrast and sharpness …? Does it need to be a very rare bird or mammal? No it doesn’t. In my opinion, the ‘perfect image’ is one that captures my attention and makes me look at it time and time again. One that touches me like a beautiful poem or a great wine or captures my attention like a perfect view can. The perfect image (or shot) is rarely because of the subject but mostly the result of colors background and compilation.

Will all my pictures create that feeling for you? probably not.
What I do hope is some of these images will …..

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